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Workday Cannabis Consumption Among Working Professionals Increased by COVID-19

By November 19, 2020 No Comments

Convenience, availability, and increased stress levels are contributing factors, according to SoapBoxSample poll

SoapBoxSample released data today from their recent survey of 450 professionals who consume cannabis, fielded September 21 – October 1, 2020. The study touches on professionals’ cannabis usage, perceived benefits of cannabis use, and their comfort level with discussing cannabis with co-workers, staff and supervisors. The data also highlights how COVID-19 has played a role in the increased use of cannabis during work hours. While 46% of professionals polled say they have been consuming more since COVID-19, 61% say once the pandemic is over, they expect to return to their previous (pre-COVID) consumption levels.

It is interesting to see that while cannabis was a taboo topic for workplaces in the past—today it is a topic that is more welcome in the professional space. Most professionals are comfortable discussing cannabis and cannabis related topics with their coworkers (73%), assistants and admin staff (66%). While more than half (58%) are comfortable discussing cannabis with their boss or clients. Additionally, among professionals who consume cannabis themselves, 74% are comfortable with their coworkers doing the same. In comparison, 60% are comfortable with their boss consuming cannabis and 61% are comfortable with their clients’ cannabis usage.

“We’re passionate about using consumer data to understand the evolving role of cannabis,” said Jacqueline Rosales, COO of SoapBoxSample and icanmakeitbetter. “Until recently, traditional workplace etiquette prevented professionals from discussing their cannabis usage with co-workers, clients or supervisors. The data indicates that workplace norms are changing dramatically, which signals that cannabis usage is more accepted by society as a whole than it once was.”

Many professionals say they are consuming more (46%) cannabis due to COVID-19. Two main factors contributing to the trend—convenience and availability and also needing additional emotional support and stress relief due to the pandemic. “I am currently working from home, so I use cannabis during work easily,” expressed one respondent. “COVID-19 has always stressed my mind and I need something calm it down,” commented another on the need for emotional support and stress relief.

Respondents reported experiencing different benefits of consuming cannabis depending on the time of day it was consumed. Before work, respondents say it helps with getting or staying motivated (35%) or controlling anxiety (35%). During work, cannabis helps the time go faster (37%) and aids in concentration and focus (36%). After work, cannabis helps to relax and unwind (69%) and manage stress (61%).

Some respondents reported experiencing downsides to consuming cannabis. Before work, respondents say it can cause laziness (27%) or spark concerns about breaking the law (26%). During work, respondents are concerned about being fired (42%) and say it can make it harder to concentrate (38%).  After work, cannabis can cause sleepiness (36%) and lead to overeating or snacking (36%).

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