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Understanding the COVID-19 Pandemic Through Consumer Data


Academic Research Journal

What moment in time could be more important to research than the COVID-19 pandemic? The outbreak caused unprecedented shifts in human behavior and is still driving momentous cultural changes. As a research organization, we felt a responsibility to use our skill set in understanding consumer behavior, to help with the analysis of the effects of the virus - both in the short term and the long term. How is this affecting peoples' daily lives? What are they doing to adapt to their new reality? How are they feeling about the future? These are a few of the many questions this research initiative sought to understand. Secondarily, we wanted to make this research free and available to public, with the hope that what we have learned here may help guide us forward.

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Data Visualization

Survey data comes to life with eye-popping charts, graphs and imagery.

Context and Commentary

Our research directors poured through the findings, and added a deeper layer of context by adding expert commentary to the most impactful and surprising sections of the data.

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Valuable and Impactful

By providing this research, worth thousands of dollars, at no charge, our hope is that these findings can help our communities understand the fundamental shifts caused by COVID-19.

Table of Contents

These are the topics we've covered so far. We'll continue to release new editions of this report as we research more topics and analyze the data.

About the Virus
Effect on Daily Life
Business Owners
Feelings and Attitudes
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During this unprecedented pandemic, consumers are acting in unprecedented ways. As you're looking to weather the economic fallout and prosper in the years to follow, only data-validated research can help you make the right investments now. Learn more about our capabilities to see how we can quickly and affordably get you actionable insights to help your business navigate COVID-19.


Frontline Workers

We followed up n=pandemic with supplemental research about frontline workers. We surveyed them to gain a better understanding of their perspectives on the risks they assume and what employers are doing to help.